He achieved what he wanted –

but he didn’t want what he achieved.

Silent Money is the stand-alone prequel to Love’s Long Road and A Friend in Deed. It tells the story of Michael, and how he turned from a hard-working and conscientious assistant bank manager into a ruthless Glasgow crime lord.

It is Glasgow, 1972 and Michael Mitchell is ambitious, talented and determined to succeed. But he learns the hard way that he will never achieve his goals in life – unless he plays by a different set of rules.

He partners with a small-time crook to help the Glasgow underworld launder the proceeds of their crimes. As the operation grows, Michael is forced to become more and more ruthless to protect what he has built up. Shocked by what he has become, he decides to leave the criminal world behind him and start a new life, respectable and honest. But the past has a way of catching up. Finally, he gambles everything on one last, desperate attempt to break free.

Silent Money is about how one person's morality becomes corrupted when society treats them unfairly, and how it then becomes impossible to keep from sliding into further depravity. It questions what we mean by good and evil, and shows the wickedness to which a person can stoop in order to realise their dreams.

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