I also worked in Russia and Ukraine for ten years, which gave me ideas for the plot and setting that I used in A Friend in Deed. I hope my Russian friends will forgive me for writing a book about how the Kremlin tries to take over Western democracies and are supporting the antagonists in the story. I meant no offence.

After many years in sales and marketing, I set up a media consultancy business which I sold a few years ago to focus on becoming an author. My writing has won a 2016 Wishing Shelf Award Red Ribbon, been shortlisted at the UK Festival of Writing for Best First Chapter, longlisted in the 2017 UK Novel Writing Competition and placed third in the Lightship Prize for first-time authors.

I went to Glasgow University in 1975 and lived in the city’s West End, the time and place for the setting of the majority of Love’s Long Road and Silent Money.

Glasgow was a very different city back then and it was not until the 1980s that the city’s cultural renaissance started to happen. I've kept the Student Handbooks for each year I was at university from 1975 to 1978, which outlined to new students the social and cultural opportunities in Glasgow as well as providing a snapshot of the values and issues of the time. They provided invaluable source material for the setting of my novel and it is fascinating to compare the world described in these handbooks with the vibrant, cosmopolitan and sophisticated Glasgow of today.